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I see it every market season. Customers coming to market and asking, “Where are the tomatoes?”

“No tomatoes yet,” says a vendor. “They’re not in season yet.”

If your family wants to eat more locally, the first step is to learn what’s in season- and across Missouri that changes depending on the region you live. If you know what to expect on your trip to the market you can plan you weekly meals and snacks accordingly. And, the best part about eating locally is your diet will change with the seasons!

Here is a seasonal guide to go by that will help you plan.

In Season Now
Currently, you can expect to find items such as root vegetables, hearty greens, some herbs, spring asparagus, garlic, onions, peas and just you wait – STRAWBERRIES are just around the corner (about mid-May).

But, don’t forget all the other items you can shop for at the market. Items like meat, cheeses, breads, jams, jelly, honey and honey made products, soaps……

And remember – the season changes year to year depending on the weather! So, ask your farmers how the season is looking and when they expect produce to come in…they are the caregivers of our food and can provide you with tip-top advice. Cooking seasonally doesn’t mean that you have to dress up your food because it’s already at its best- FRESH and LOCAL! Visit a market today and enjoy in the spring harvest!

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