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Making Your Own Baby Soup

Visits to area markets will provide you with more and more crops to choose from to make your little one’s baby food from.  One of my son’s favorites was this Creamy Broccoli Soup – it’s packed full of essential nutrients to help your young ones grow strong.

You will be able to find most all ingredients at markets this spring to make this delicious soup, and be sure and freeze the leftovers for future meals.

I plan on demonstrating this baby food recipe at the premier of The Market Lady video series at the Webb City Farmers Market on May 6.  We will start shooting farmers market videos soon, so stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page.

Creamy Broccoli Soup
from WholeSomeBaby.com
2 teaspoons olive oil
1 small onion, chopped
1 bunch broccoli
1 1/2 cups chicken broth
1/4 teaspoon marjoram or oregano
Pinch cayenne pepper (optional)
1 cup reduced-fat (2%) milk

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat; add onion and sauté until tender. Add broccoli, chicken broth, marjoram, and cayenne; bring to a boil over medium-high heat.

Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer until broccoli is tender. Remove from heat and stir in milk. Purée in batches in a blender. Heat through to serve.

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We have an invested interest in The Market Lady Project and here is why.

Nutritionists agree that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables would result in a healthier population. The first end objective of our project is to improve the health of the population in Southwest Missouri. We hope to achieve this through increased consumption of local specialty crops sold through farmers markets. The means to achieve increased consumption is education of adults and children as to the nutritional value, availability, selection and preparation of local specialty crops.

The second end objective of our project is to improve the financial success of specialty crop farmers in Southwest Missouri. This will be achieved through increased sales of specialty crops at local farmers markets. We want to see our local farmers flourish across the Ozarks.

With the increasing costs of health care and the social and personal costs of poor health, our project has the potential to impact issues of local and national concern. The White House initiative to reduce childhood obesity and the USDA initiative Know Your Food, Know Your Farmers tie directly to this project. The increasing interest locally and nationally in the culinary arts and in fresh high quality produce makes this project extremely timely. But, we need your help to make this project successful!

Get out and Buy Local Ozarks!

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In 2010 Webb City Farmers Market Master Eileen Nichols came to me with the idea for a pilot project, The Market Lady.com. Eileen explained to me that the project would educate local Southwest Missouri consumers on ways to eat healthy and local, while increasing sales of specialty crops at area farmers markets. Therefore, the writing began and in March 2010, we submitted a grant proposal to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, “Increasing Child and Adult Nutrition Knowledge and Consumption of Specialty Crops in Southwest Missouri through Social Media and Video Marketing.” Here we are in March 2011 and the project is in its early stages and will run throughout this year.

What we hope to accomplish:
Southwest Missouri has a substantial and growing number of farmers markets, however the markets serve only a fraction of the region’s consumers. Many residents are unaware of the nutritious specialty crops available through farmers markets. Many don’t know how to select and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables or the importance of incorporating fresh produce into their diets.

This grant projects proposes to:
1.) Develop and distribute regional farmers market video segments and websites/social media that will encourage healthy eating habits for both adults and children and increase consumer awareness of fresh, local specialty crops available at local farmers markets and
2.) Educate students on the importance of eating healthy with a lesson plan, based on the 5 a Day Program, that will be made available nationwide.

TheMarketLady.com will provide information through television videos aired weekly in the Joplin and Springfield viewing areas and through social media marketing, in turn increasing the consumption of Southwest Missouri specialty crops and expanding market share. The interactive website will serve as the hub of consumer information to increase regional knowledge about where to buy local foods and preparation and cooking instructions for specialty crops in the Southwest Missouri.

Stay tuned for more information about our exciting project!

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